• "Choosing a place to do my DUI classes seemed like something that wouldn't matter, but I'm so grateful that I ended up here. Amy is an amazing counselor and made classes, dare I say, enjoyable. I would recommend everyone to go here, even if it's a little bit of a further drive! Also, she is more affordable than other nearby places so just the cherry on top.​" Hannah

  • "This class gave me a new perspective as well as great tools for coping with stress, anger and using." Brad

  • "I really appreciate all the time and effort Amy put into the classes. Amy was the best counselor I have ever had." Chris

  • "The class had a very useful and helpful information and Amy is a very good instructor." Gabriel

  • " Thank you so much for your knowledge, dedication, positivity and your upbeat personality! I am glad that I found you and "What's Next" vs some other place to take my classes. I appreciate you scheduling you offer and accommodating myself and others! Most of all, thank you for making this past year a little more tolerable...your creative ideas and games, to bringing us treats and pizza, your kindness and genuine love of work shines through and doesn't go unnoticed!" Stefan

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